TCL 30E: A Cost-Effective Entry-Level Option for Users

Marketed as an entry-level smartphone, the TCL 30E positions itself as an affordable solution for daily chores. It puts the cost first while providing the necessities to keep you entertained and connected.

Design and Display: A Simple Yet Useful Visual Experience

The 6.52-inch HD+ display of the TCL 30E has a V-notch design. It doesn’t have the best resolution, but it still offers a respectable visual experience for regular use, online surfing, and video streaming. The phone itself has a lightweight, plastic construction that is both straightforward and practical.

Processing Capacity and Performance: Managing Daily Tasks

The MediaTek MT6762G Helio G25 octa-core CPU powers the TCL 30E. With 3GB of RAM, this CPU can handle everyday activities like messaging, social media surfing, and utilizing necessary applications. More power may be required for those who favor multitasking or intense gaming.

Camera System: Taking Informal Pictures While Traveling

With a 50MP primary sensor, a 2MP macro sensor for up-close photos, and a 2MP depth sensor, the TCL 30E has three cameras on its back. Even though it might not be as good as high-end cell phones, it still lets you take informal pictures and make memories while on the go. The 5MP front-facing camera is enough for standard video calls and selfies.

Battery life: Enough power to get you through the day

The TCL 30E has a substantial battery capacity for a low-cost phone—5000 mAh.  This means that, depending on your usage habits, it can last you the entire day on a single charge.

Storage and Software: Android Experience and Internal Space

The 64GB of internal storage that the TCL 30E has could be plenty for average users. However, you may need to think about utilizing a microSD card for more storage if you save a lot of images, movies, or programs. Running Android 12, the phone has a simple and easy-to-use UI.

Is the TCL 30E your best option?

For anyone looking for an affordable smartphone for daily use, the TCL 30E is a good choice.  It is appropriate for casual gaming, surfing, and messaging because it has a long battery life, a good display, and all the necessary capabilities. Power users or those who value good cameras, however, would need to look into more potent solutions.


The TCL 30E meets the needs of consumers looking for a budget without sacrificing essential features. It provides a long-lasting battery, an easy-to-use interface, and a respectable camera system for everyday usage. For those on a tight budget who would rather focus on daily chores than high-end gaming or professional-grade photography, the TCL 30E is a very good choice.


  • Can demanding games be played on the TCL 30E?
    It might be adequate for games that aren’t too hard. However, a more powerful phone is advised for games with high visual fidelity.
  • Is the TCL 30E capable of supporting expandable storage?
    We support microSD cards to add more storage.
  • Which other low-cost cellphones should I take into consideration?
    Several solutions are available based on your priorities. Investigate and contrast features and specs between several brands.
  • Are there any more colors available for the TCL 30E?
    Yes, it usually comes in choices like Atlantic Blue and Space Gray.
  • What store sells the TCL 30E?
    Depending on where you live, a number of internet merchants or cell providers may offer the TCL 30E.

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